About NOTR

What NOTR Does
Nick of Time Rescue (NTR) was set up specifically to pull dogs from high kill animal control shelters in rural Georgia. Lee Caswell, Director of NTR does not get paid she does this out of the goodness of her heart, driving hours at a time to save animals from a barbaric death. The animals are then boarded at her state licensed facility until they can be transported to a no-kill shelter, foster, or a forever home in the northeast, where homeless pets are welcomed due to strict local spay and neuter policies. The animals that are rescued from animal control shelters must be vaccinated and spayed/neutered before they can be adopted or accepted into most no-kill shelters.

NOTR began 8 years ago as a DOG rescue. The director came across an overcrowded cat room during one of her rescue missions, and she could not leave them to an inhumane death. [Many of the animals are still euthanized by heart stick or gas chamber.] Nick of Time expanded the rescue to include cats that day. Dog adoptions support the overflow of cats that are often overlooked beyond the “cute and fluffy” stages.

NOTR is able to continue pulling animals with the assistance of donations and adoption fees. Funds given to the rescue are put into the vetting and maintaining of each animal at the rescue. Donated funds, items, and food are always welcome to aid the rescue in keeping up with the needs of the animals in their care. The rescue currently has a 501 pending.

Lee runs the rescue with the aid of her sister and niece. She transports the animals from one place to another on her own. Transport begins on a Friday and does not end until Sunday or Monday. The van takes off Friday (from Georgia), meets adopters on Saturday (excluding Massachusetts and Connecticut), and begins the journey home on Sunday. Lee does not sleep until she has met all of the adopters. The journey often ends with her taking short nap in the vehicle before the long haul back. NOTR’s director is dedicated to keeping the animals safe until they are united with a loving home.

Georgia euthanizes approximately 3,000 animals a WEEK.

Nick of Time Rescue works to save lives in the trenches, but adoption opportunities in the south are limited.